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HopelessBubble Icons

For Every Kind Of Icon

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All Members , Moderated
An Icon Community dedicated to every facet of icons. From punk to goth to whatever. There are simple rules.
1.If you have more than three icons in a post put the rest behind the lj-cut tag.
2.If I see anyone being mean, picking on people for the subjects of their icons, calling people names, the general I'm more punk than you are, the person will be banned from the community. If you have a problem with a band or whatever is on the icon don't use it.
3.Any bashing at all is prohibited.
4.Anything that could be rated R or above (nudity, strong language, gore, violence) should be put behind the lj-cut tag
5. Don't request icons like crazy. About one or two a week. And don't crosspost requests, it's rude.
6. You may however crosspost icons all you want.
7.Post at least once a month. By post I mean post your icons, take icons, request, comment. Whatever.
If these rules are not followed it will result in a warning. If it happens a second time you will be kicked out of the community.

Moderator: gladriendra